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  1. valtsu

    Cazino Cosmos wild lines 1400X

    Congratz, thats a sick comeback 🙄
  2. valtsu

    montezuma big win! (677x)

    Haven't seen a big hit on this in awhile, gz
  3. valtsu

    DEAD or ALIVE 750x

    Nice juan, close to wildline?
  4. valtsu

    BANK OF RIZK almost 3000x

    I deposited 10e to get new level on rizk since I was 99,9% then I had like 30e went fire joker, won Bank of Rizk for 2900+ euro XD #stillshaking :DD
  5. valtsu

    I Phone XS MAX Giveaway - By Pragmatic Play!

    valtsuCS Lessago! gl peeps
  6. valtsu

    twistz87 2x50€ Giveaway

    valtsuCS Ez Kappa
  7. valtsuCS Good luck peeps