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    Poker Music

    Here is the song that really inspires me while playing poker 🃏 The Weeknd - False Alarm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW5oGRx9CLM
  2. trippplerX9

    Bonus Buy on Chillipop saved me

    Unexpected and pleasantly!
  3. trippplerX9

    best to stick to one casino?

    Being a bonus hunter is a slow way down. And I doubt slots could make a significant profit as well. It's entertainment, not a business that will feed you for a lifetime. But if you decided to make some money, make sure to read a few reviews on this or another forum.
  4. trippplerX9

    Betfair new account

    I wouldn't recommend you playing with VPN. As it was mentioned above, casinos tend to find some flaws every time they see big winnings