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  1. Story time: So, i was laying in my bed, couldnt sleep. For some reason, i logged into Bethard, and i havent used Bethard for over 2 years. On bethard, i find 1000 SEK that i had forgot to withdrew or something, however, im thinking, why not play some casino then (Almost never play myself, only watch stream) I start of playing some jammin 10 sek bets, goes very well and i end on 6k SEK. I withdraw 3k sek and i save 3k sek for a bonus buy. I decide to go for return of kong and this shit happens... TLDR: Deposit 0kr. Withdraw 208K kr :)
  2. Zyvera - thanks for your reply I will try to sort this out myself, sent them another e-mail now. If it doesn't work out i'll try contact Masse.
  3. Yeah i got the log where he tells me to keep spinning but to not go over 20sek bet in the future, i told them that i will go forward with this and not accept that they told me to keep going. I got this answer: Support Palita:Han sa att du kan fortsätta spela men inget om att det inte skulle ske en konfiskering eller inte. Vi beklagar detta om du känner att du vill gå vidare med det här så kommer vi inte att hindra dig Translate: He told you that you can keep playing, but he said nothing about that your winnings wont be taken away. We are sorry that you want to take this further but we won't stop you. Actually liked redbet before this. I just can't stand casinos that can't distinguish bonus abuse, and an honest mistake. If this happened on a bigger site like Leovegas im sure they would help me out.
  4. Hello! I got an 100% bonus from redbet, 500sek. I accidently played 5 30kr spins when they had max bet 20kr with bonus (which is really bad) however, as soon as i realised that i made those 5 spins with too much stake, i contacted support. When i did this, the balance was 4000sek. They told me to keep spinning, but to not bet over 20kr in the future. So i did, i sat for some hours and grinded through the bonus, ended on over 10k SEK. The day after, i get an e-mail saying that i can't have my winnings since i didnt follow the bonus terms, cause i did 5 spins with 10kr too much stake. Its so fucking bad that they tell me to keep spinning just so they can take it all afterwards - stay away from this site.
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