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  1. Guess: 39674 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  2. Guess: 43047 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  3. Guess: 43641 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  4. Guess: 59543 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  5. Guess: 28317 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  6. JPCdk

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 22/11

    Guess: 38617 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  7. JPCdk

    Free Bonushunter App

    This is not a overlay this can give you txt files for the overlay and bonus hunter can be downloaded i have not found any.
  8. Guess: 23413 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  9. JPCdk

    Free Bonushunter App

    The homepage is the app Dont need to search so much around it require to signup becource of the data that is saved for the user. There is a "app" client for streamers that works with overlay
  10. JPCdk

    Free Bonushunter App

    Ahh that is working on the site aswell there is a stat page that you can share or show on stream
  11. JPCdk

    Free Bonushunter App

    Im not sure what you mean by this?
  12. JPCdk

    Free Bonushunter App

    Hi. I made a online version of a Bonushunter.app that is like the one CD uses. I wanted to share this with you guys hope can use it. There is also streamer features in it that can help streamers to make it work with the overlay aswell as great stats for the hunt. JPCdk
  13. Guess: 37615 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk
  14. Guess: 23684 Twitch/Youtube: JPCdk