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    Dont ever play at wild tornado casino

    Your 100% right. But I am not that good in English plus these to was to similar match bonus and welcome bonus. Cus if you read on the match bonus the max pr spin is 5 euros.That's what i read https://www.wildtornado.com/bonus-terms
  2. Well i started off doing a 500kr deposit with 100 % bonus.After i was done wagering i had 5000kr on my account to find out that i You exceeded the maximum bet while wagering bonus. After sending in all types of documents they now tell me that the maximum bet was 1 euro.And i did some spins some spins with 12.5 ,18 and 20kr I hope Casino dady can pls talk to this casino so i can get my winnings.Imagine playing for 4 hours and they tell you this ..... Pls help me sort this out .And i hope other people doing deposits on that site knows the that 1 euro is the max you can bet.whitch is pure evil Sad player ......