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  1. Hi all, New here, not gone thru older topics etc, so this post probably should been merged with older ones. Been playing slots forever, gambled all my life, for 30+ years anyways. Nowadays easy to access online, play whatever. I know we cant beat a computer in the long run, thats kinda obvious. Providers are running successful companys and they can ramp up the advertisements more and more each year, its kinda everywhere. More renevue, more advertisments, more players...and around it goes. So, today i checked my account on Casumo, deposits/withdrawals, for a longer time. I dont wager, all raw. Account history showed that i didnt have one(1) withdrawal from my 106 last deposits. I deposit small, sure, 100-200x bet at the time, occasionally more, but not that often. That seems kinda low, no matter what the RTP would be, on any game. I play random slots from day to day. As i play pretty low stakes, im often thinking about streamers that plays $10 - €50 per spin. If the big spenders would have 106 deposits without withdrawal, they would be criminals by now or living under the nearest bridge. Cant see how anyone could survive that. One streak like that, even if it would be Bill Gates or have whatever income from streams. That career would be buried after that. Still streamers stays afloat years and years. Could someone shine some light on the issue?, cuz i cant wrap my head around it. Best Regards, Kass (Swe).