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    Casoo - Withdrawal denied and account blocked.

    Obviously this is my first and only account, otherwise i wouldnt post here..
  2. I created and made my first deposit the 12:th of december, 200 euro + 200 euro bonus. Maxbet was 2euro with this bonus and i didnt bet more or less then 2 euro during the whole turnover process. I requested a withdrawal of 2000 euro and was asked to provide documents. The 18:th of december my documents where verified and i requested a withdrawal again, got told that they cant withdraw to mastercard so i had to make an account at ecopayz.com so i created an account there and made a deposit through ecopayz to verify it. Requested a new withdrawal after that and they've delayed and delayed. I've mailed them 2-3 times a week and they've just said please be patient. This last week i got a phonecall from them, they asked a bunch of questions like what games i had been playing and how much my biggest win was etc. I responded on everything i could remember since it had been over a month since i played and won there. They where not satisfied with my answers and wanted to have a skype conversation with me while i was camming. We did that last week and now i got this e-mail - https://gyazo.com/3c387b0d8d288cba0986f92ee0d9fbcb I was watching a twitch stream while talking to the guy, i had no clue i had to have eye contact with the phone the whole conversation. All the rules etc he links in that mail i have followed to a 100% didnt abuse anything. I dont know what to do here, any advice?