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  1. Indeed, looks like a bug, but it seems to be resolved now - there were a number of fixes applied yesterday. Thanks for being vigilant and let us know if you notice anything else like this. Regards, Mackie
  2. Hey everyone, Some of you may have noticed a number of players that managed to reach Rank 50 in two days. This was caused by a cache bug - these players caught on to it and abused it. The bug was fixed and we had a meeting to decide whether to keep those players banned for abusing the system or not. We decided to reset their progress to where it would've been yesterday had they not encountered the bug and accept them back into our community. We'll do everything we can to prevent similar situations in the future, but in case you encounter something like this, please let us know and we will take measures. Best of luck, Mackie
  3. The most straightforward way is to get them by leveling up your Social Pass - you get one at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. As you correctly surmised, they can also drop from chests. They can also be redeemed by using codes - this week we'll be dumping some of them on our Social Media (and here) so you might want to SMASH THAT FOLLOW BUTTON.
  4. Your point is valid but you need to consider the larger overall picture. Let's assume that every player has 3 tickets to spend over the course of the Season. There are 3 monthly tournaments. Some of them will get a decent score in the first pne and hold on to their tickets for the next Tournaments. Some won't, and will end up spending their tickets by resetting their score. This means that there will be fewer available tickets to join the following tournaments, ergo those who keep hold of their tickets this month will have fewer competitors next month, and even fewer during the final month. You can strategically decide when/where to join or reset to maximize your chances to win. Or you can YOLO and spend every ticket immediately.
  5. Hello everyone! We've been busy working on some cool new stuff for SocialTournaments.com Season 2. Reward Chests can now drop cash rewards. No questions asked, no strings attached. Just free money. There's a featured tournament every month with the biggest prize pool we've ever had and 200 winners. You need a Golden Ticket in order to participate - these tickets are obtained through Chests and ranking up your Social Pass. You can also use a Ticket to reset your score and try again. The website also has a new look and some new pages! Make sure you give it a shot at https://www.socialtournaments.com/ - first tournament starts at 20:15 UTC. Best of luck, Mackie
  6. Hello everyone! Release the Kraken, the newest game from Pragmatic Play, just came out today. We're always excited for new releases, but this one takes the cake because it's got that "Bonus Buy" feature that everyone loves. We've set some free extra tournaments for today to give everyone a chance to try it out, so maybe pay us a visit today and see what it's all about! Best of luck, Mackie
  7. Hello everyone! Another week, another new release. This time it's Money Mouse! As usual, we've set up a couple of extra tournaments to give everyone a chance to try out the new game. Let us know if you like it! Best of luck, Mackie
  8. Sorry about that - Magic Journey wasn't supposed to be a multiplier win. When something like this happens and scores are equal, winners are the first ones that obtain that score. In any case, wouldn't be fair to cancel it now, but you won't be seeing any Magic Journey multiplier win tournaments any longer.
  9. Hello everyone, New week, new release! Magic Journey, the newest game by Pragmatic Play, comes out today. We've set up a couple of extra tournaments to celebrate, so be sure to check out SocialTournaments today and get a chance to try the latest addition to our repertoire! Best of luck, Mackie
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen,Today we're launching Buffalo King, our first 2020 release, and we're pretty excited! We've set up some extra tournaments to give everyone a chance to try the new game, so drop by SocialTournaments.com and give it a shot.Good luck,Mackie
  11. Hey everyone! Some US users reported that they were having issues with logging in. All these issues have been fixed, so if you were encountering them, give it another try. Should work now. Good luck, Mackie
  12. Hi everyone, Greek Gods, the new game from Pragmatic Play is now available on SocialTournaments.com! It's got an angry lightning god in it AND his wife, so you might wanna take a look. Check our schedule https://www.socialtournaments.com/schedule/ to find out when the next tournament starts. Did you get a chance to try it out? What do you think? Kind regards, Mackie
  13. For those who are unfamiliar with SocialTournaments.com, it is a social gaming platform where players can join tournaments free of charge and win real money. This project started back in May 2019 with only one tournament type and not many other features and has been steadily growing in complexity over time. Right now we're running a monthly prize pool of over $20.000 and we've recently launched Season 1, with reward chests, avatars and a bunch of cool features.