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  1. There is no doubt that every gambler risks losing every time he gambles. This is the essence of gambling, you either win or lose. It probably all depends on your experience with the game and skill. There are players who were able to earn the fortune that they now have just through gambling. I am also a gambler and have been betting at -- for more than two years. At first, like everyone else, I had failures of course, and sometimes I lost very large amounts of money. Over time, I became more experienced and my skills increased. Now, due to high coefficients, I have a good, stable profit. In addition, this is not difficult and I think that every novice will be able to understand. Also, thanks to quick payouts, I can immediately invest my profit in an idea. I don't think it's a bad thing, because I've never had any problems and I've never been cheated.
  2. 3.14ace

    Steam group for betting

    I personally have a very negative attitude towards betting and I think this is one of the most common ways to cheat people. I do not believe that thanks to poker or betting you can earn because I have a lot of life experience. Many of my friends went bankrupt because of this shit, so don't fool yourself. If you just want to have fun and relax, I advise you to find a casino at Aucasinosonline and play slots there as I do. It seems to me that this is a great way to have fun on quarantine, but this should not be your earnings ...
  3. Are you prefer to gamble too? Since I wanted to play on different betting sites at the same time (I think it could improve my income). However, right now I earn money on poker online which gives me the experience to learn more about how to do the money. And that the most attractive thing personally for me is playing at home with my friends that can share with the experience. plz do not link to other sites than CD affiliates /OvE
  4. 3.14ace

    big win

    Come on. The game you are playing is not serious at all:)) You must play a serious casino for earning a good cash. Yeah, for the beginning it's ok to play at like yours one because you need some skills before starting playing another casino/roulette. I'm playing on ... because this is a safe website and I've never had problems with cashout and money is secured very well. Last month I've done good cash and bought Iphone 11 Pro:))
  5. 3.14ace

    Poker Music

    Dude, you can just open any playlist on YouTube and enjoy the music. I recently took a day off and was at home. After some time, my brother came to me and told me about the gaming club and that he earned a lot of money there. I at first I didn’t believe it and started looking for reviews on the Internet about this online casino. After 10 minutes I came across a review about Gaming Club on Greatcasino and was very impressed. I have never seen such cool ratings anywhere. I think this is the coolest casino in the world.
  6. 3.14ace

    Casino cosmos

    Well, that's pretty amazing although it doesn't look real!
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