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  1. johninboro


    happy 3rd birthday twitch username is johninboro
  2. 3245 euro johninboro
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    Guessing Competition 20/4

    5825 Euro Twitch Johninboro
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    Donate song

    I will never get this image out of my head the next time I hear this tune when someone donates
  5. johninboro

    Pip and his temper

    He has a seriously bad attitude and shouldn't be allowed to bring down Casino Daddy. It's only a matter of time before someone reports his antics to Twitch for violation of their guidelines (acceptable broadcast content) then what will happen to Casino Daddy? If he can't take the loses then he shouldn't play the games. 120 posts, 3 about Pip...you do the math
  6. johninboro

    Pip and his temper

    I've just watched one of the most childish outbursts on the stream ever by Pip. Because he didn't win much on 50 spins he banged on the desk, threw something at the wall and stormed off swearing. This isn't something that I enjoyed seeing. I love the Casino Daddy stream and love it when the main Bros. all stream together, I even enjoy it when Rip is on stream too. In my opinion Pip is bringing the stream down with his violent temper and bad attitude. Only recently when Masse', Ante', Simon, Rip and himself were streaming he threw his toys out of the pram because he didn't want to play one of the slot games that Masse' did, if you watch it back you will see what I mean. People don't just watch the stream to see the slots, they watch it for the personalities who present them to the view.
  7. johninboro


    Keep Simon and get rid of Pip or... gt rid of Pip
  8. johninboro


    Why does Pip keep making that sound like emptying a bottle when he is playing slots? As soon as he does it I switch off. He also needs to calm down a little as he tilts quicker than a pinball machine in a boat at sea.
  9. johninboro

    Go pro hero 7 Silver

    Twitch - johninboro
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    GIVEAWAY - 2 Stag watches!

    https://www.stagwatches.se/produkt/swsteel01se/ johninboro