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  1. hello all i just received money. if e1 whants to play there then keep in mind u may wait your funds a while. BIG Thanks to casinodaddy family. mine took 19 days total. thanks good luck
  2. e1 im really sorry about all my messages but the whole situation are mega fustreta . there are changes in my account history seems like withdraw is done now it says completed. let u know when it arrives.
  3. they haven't send us nothing just like i said before im so mad so like i said yesterday get accepted don't mean nothing in this case
  4. Dan Danil hello Dan Hello, welcome to our live chat session. Danil im really sorry i dont understand have u sended the funds on my withdraw or no ? it was accepted on monday Dan Please have patience We assure you that your request will be complited. Danil just tell me have u sent
  5. nope still nothing. they told me accepted means that its just accepted but the funds havent been sent yet its two sepperate transactions. like always they say the process will be completed soon . basically nothing. 3 days and nothing i use revolut it accepts money whole day long .
  6. its accepted allready 2 working days and currently 0. live chat told me that they haven't event sent the money yet.
  7. hey guys . just like i was wondering this is nonsense. to get accepted is just a half way to recive funds thats crazy . 17 days sence request and counting Live chat. Your request has been accepted, so you can count on your money. We can't give the exact time frames, but it should be done soon. Daniel probably another 2 weeks i have to wait Miley You will definitely be informed as soon as it is processed. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. look previous answers mate mine was accepted before e1 else but i havent received funds yet thats what im saying. if i recive money on bank i let u guys know.
  9. until today status was waiting. strange part is that the date have been changed.
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