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    100k win from $400au

    Started playing on this site October 2019 could not win a dollar didnt have a single cashout then i deposited $400 i played Blackjack mostly but when i was on $400 i played roulette hit double 26 got me to $2k then i went and played this slot (picture down below) got a nice feature then i started playing baccrat got it to 10k and was going to cashout but decided to play blackjack at $250 table, I was betting $500 in two boxes with $125 on perfect pairs and 21+3 (side bets google if you dont know) and one of the side bets came in i got triple King of clubs which pays 100:1 dealer has a king of clubs and i have two which is a super rare payouts but my luck was in! i was on around 20-30k when i started playing in the salons on so i could play 1 on 1 with the dealer and started losing all the way down to $1k before chucking it 4 times 1 into 2k, 2k into 4k, 4k into 8k, 8k into 16k and grinded it back up to 30k and went to bed since i had been playing the whole day and it was 4am, the next day i tried to go for 50k and did the same thing betting 4k at a time and quickly got myself up to 70k i stopped and decided i was going to go out and when i come back cashout (the casino makes you cash out 1k at a time for security purposes so it would take a while) cashout and went out to the shops. when i came back from shopping i thought either 50k or 100k 50k firm bottom line no matter what and i proceeded to do 50 1k withdrawals and play with 20k went to the same salon (which was the same girl from the other night might i add) and was like nothing had changed grinded it to 100k from $400 i was delighted and cashed out the other 50k and froze my account! they have a monthly withdrawal limit of $6k which is frustrating but the financial team sad they might make an exception for my case! Over the moon! sometimes you get lucky!