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  1. Had a few fun with this game. Got a bonus feature win, quite some choices, huh? lol
  2. cassiegray

    Tip for you guys playing @Casumo

    Thanks for the tip mate!!!
  3. NOT bad results at all. upload pic
  4. Hello, guys! I just love how the new site looks like! Very cool Anyway, just want to share one of my winnings this week. Got quite lucky. It's not a huge win, but made my day!!! Ji Xiang 8, asian style
  5. Yeah, I can totally relate to that the fact that Slots are very random. I would say when I hit a big win but I only get a tiny payback. lol Then I'll quit
  6. cassiegray

    Hi there, world

    Hello guys, My name is Cass. I'm a student from HongKong, I have been playing slots on and off for a while, but I have to admit I'm still a newbie in such a division. Anyway I love playing slots online now, and whenever I hit a small win it makes my day. I also play with discipline, no overdrive! lol So, I'm glad to join the community and see you guys!