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  1. Hey guys. So first of all I know that I the casino in this case has 100% rights to do what they did but I just find this quite sad and ridiculous. I have been watching the brothers on and off for 2-3 years now mainly just lurking in the chat. I always had a lot of respect for them and when I can I always support them with using their affiliate links and so on. But this is in my opinion quite insane for them to even advertise such an shitty casino at this point it just feels like its ALL for money and that the viewers are just being used for money. So 1.5 months ago I made an account at LocoWin using the brothers link and as always I trust the brothers to actually give out TRUSTH WORTHY casinos and not casinos with insane bonus requirmenets and so on. I checked the bonus terms and realised that the site had an very low max cashout for the welcome bonus so I skipped it and just played raw on the site. I lost 4-500 euros and didnt think about it and just left the site. Today 1.5 months later after me losing about 400-500 euros I get an email saying I have a cashgift on my account. I login and I see 20 euro just sitting there. So I end up playing with them and somehow hit the notorious 1500x on Garga with a 1 euro bet and made the 20 euro to 1516 euro. At this point I am extremely happy as I have had an very bad run for the past 2-3 months. I go in to the support and ask the person in there if I can withdraw the whole ammount and she says that as my bonus was pure cash there is no max cashout. I'm happy and I make the withdrawal. 3 hours later I get an email saying that the withdrawal is cancelled as its a 5x max cashout on bonuses. (Even though its a cash gift lol ok). At this point I am fuming as I realise there is nothing I can do about it. Letsgiveitaspin has helped me with similar cases before when he was the affiliate i signed up via as when I broke the ToS as an accident so I am hoping to get any help from any mod or the brothers. Thanks.