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  1. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    This is getting more and more weird... this time x950 at 8 kr. stake. 15 pinks paying 6000 dkr., followed by 15 oranges paying 1200 dkr.
  2. Peter Andersen

    Razor Shark Marathon

    Im starting to play 10 dkr stake (1,5 euro appx) - and wow! gambling is so much fun when you hit a x1000 coin, paying 10k daily... this just in:
  3. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    @CasinoBoyz88 - yeah, he is a tricky mofo!
  4. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    Been playing with higher stakes recently, with great success. and just when garga seemed on vacation, this happens - welcome in profit land! yesterday on my way home from my studio, i hit 1000x coin in razorshark paying 10.000 dkr... crazy! winning spree!
  5. Peter Andersen

    100€ deposit into 7,3k cashout

    when you get wildlines in leprechaun.. its a killer game. i had a few x800, x950 and lots of x300-400`s
  6. Peter Andersen

    Razor Shark Marathon

    YAY! BOOOYAA! hunted that mysterious 2500x coin, but got a x2000 hit in Razor shark. Im in shock! - Me and the sharks is surely developing a good relationship!
  7. Peter Andersen

    Razor Shark Marathon

    I started hunting coins instead of gargas... I heard Waffe refer to Razor shark as a difficult slot. Hmm, Thing is... I got. around 10-12 x1000 coins in 5 days. 3 of them on the same day! combined with alot of nice bonuses, the best paying x950 .. I play low stakes, but all in all - i think i withdrawed x7500 by now.
  8. Peter Andersen

    Amazing win, and got it on video - 2150x on Legacy of dead

    yep, and i beat Ante with x50
  9. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    ive been using way too. much cash on razor shark, but a little. 15 greens. showed up today mostly wilds connecting. but fun to see all these variations of wins... I had 15 blues aswell... Premium wins are fun in reactoonz, and not that impossible to get. A big deposit is good though. and play low stakes, until you. have "the feeling"!
  10. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    no 15 pinks, without a. 15 greens. aswell... small x300
  11. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    and it happened again...
  12. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    ah.. another x750.. they drop like flies!
  13. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    they are a bit difficult to keep on triggering, but finally hit x300 again...
  14. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    I should really run some statistics on this slot... One things for sure, Garga and his friends are some money-eating bastards that loves attention. the variance of the game is good though. Exploding aliens Galore! How about you other users? - whats your Reactoonz records? for example how many x750 wins did you have in a day. my personal record is 5 - I had the x1500 a couple of times aswell. aswell as a combined green and pink x15 win paying x1130
  15. Peter Andersen

    Insane garga weeks!

    heres. a little x300 - have in mind that i lose alot of cash, but usually i can get my money back on garga on a different site. Its a tricky slot. Some days the gargas show up as an army, somedays its dead as a mice. Gameplay is fun, though!