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  1. still no info about this?
  2. Guess: 62021 Twitch/Youtube: willy_wiener
  3. Guess: 24216 Twitch/Youtube: willy_wiener
  4. Hello, I redeemd a 0,20€ bonus on mt2 from the store on Boom which i use once a mounth but now i see that the games is removed for german players... and since i am from germany my question is what happens now? I had it in my inventory and as soon i want it to play an error came. I hope my points/bonus is not lost, maybe there is a solution to add the points back i dont know twitch: willy_wiener
  5. Guess: 25160 Twitch/Youtube: willy_wiener
  6. Guess: 13328 Twitch/Youtube: willy_wiener
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