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  1. nikafika

    cash drop into 1000x+

    so.. got a cash drop from sugar today at 15:36 went into mt2 did 4 spins got this.. cash out
  2. nikafika

    a few hits

    som pic missing but well
  3. nikafika

    a few hits

    deposit 100 euro yday, cashout 4800 euro. slots running hot. had a full line explorer aswell no print tho. IMG_2720.MP4
  4. nikafika

    700+ x genie walking wild

    nice bonus earlier today IMG_2720.MP4
  5. nikafika

    around 7700x

    around 7700x this night.. i had 100x coin then got sniper boom 200x then a collector, and then a collector payer. bad pic.. bet was 3kr tho 🤪
  6. Guess: 100000 Twitch/Youtube: snoogentz
  7. Guess: 47000 Twitch/Youtube: snoogentz
  8. Guess: 32467 Twitch/Youtube: snoogentz
  9. nikafika

    Im lost for words...this is insane!!!

  10. this just happend.. 😝
  11. Guess: 300000 Twitch/Youtube: snoogentz
  12. nikafika

    tombstone 3000x

    had a 500x bonus first spin then rippee the profit and got this also got the superbonus in deadwood yesterday, payed 1000x
  13. nikafika

    lost relic big win

    not so much x or betsize but kinda much for this shit game 🤩
  14. nikafika

    1610x jammin

    small jammin hit. deposited 10 euro. sadly i played 0.60 euro spin before the bonus.. 🥳 but well
  15. Guess: 6666 Twitch/Youtube: snoogentz