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  1. Andrew444

    I give up xD

    I do understand you. I also quit this game. I couldn't win for a long period of time, lost money, and started thinking that I became addicted to it. I'm afraid of addiction as I know people who had to receive treatment. And I saw how hard it was for them and their families. I even made a call to addictionresource rehab hotline in order to find out whether I needed help or not. They calmed me down and made me understand that it was just time to give up playing. I prefer to think it happens to the best of us.
  2. Andrew444

    Poker is no longer a game of skill

    Interesting info! Thanks for sharing! I'm not a big expert in poker, but I've recently played this game on several sites and liked it a lot. In my opinion, poker requires skills and experience. By the way, I've recently found GTO Solver called Simple Postflop https://simplepoker.com/en/Solutions/Simple_Postflop. It solves GTO strategies in preflop and postflop Texas Holdem situations. I find this poker tool be really helpful and useful. I'm sure, every beginner will agree with me. SSimple Postflopimple Postflop
  3. Andrew444

    Casino cosmos

    My congratulations! Last time I was lucky to win $300 . Of course, like any other gambler, I hope to win a jackpot one day ☺️ By the way, is this the biggest sum you've ever won?
  4. Andrew444

    Videoslots verification

    The same for me. I like playing casino slot machines as I really enjoy the process. In most cases I choose mr.bet casino for this purpose. Usually verification takes about 45 hours, sometimes quicker. The idea about a live chat is good, especially if the process takes more than 3 days.
  5. Andrew444


    This is a useful thread, especially for those people who are thinking about trying JoyCasino. And I'm one of them. It is important for me to use only safe and trusty sites, usually I play on mrBet, but I want to try other places, so your experience has helped me. Thanks, guys!
  6. Andrew444

    Get live dealers.

    I've recently found out about live dealers and started looking for them. I was lucky to find a live dealer online casino on Mr.bet, it offers a huge amount of different games, including my favourite poker, slots and roulette. But thanks for sharing, I'll check your suggestion!
  7. Andrew444

    Tip for you guys playing @Casumo

    This information is useful for me as I'm going to check this casino. In most cases I play at a New Online Casino: Best Online Gambling for Real Money, Real Free Slots - MR Bet as I like it. There are many different slot games there. Also it suggests a great welcome bonus. But I want to compare it with other casinos, so thanks for the helpful tips!
  8. Andrew444

    Casino, Slot Fails :o

    I'm also new to the gambling world. Though I've been playing for several months I haven't seen such a thing too I think you are right that there are many great sites to play. In most cases I prefer playng different slot games at mr.bet online casino. I find this place to be awesome because of bonuses and a high possibility to win. If you prefer online casinos, I think you will like this site.
  9. I'm a newbie in the gambling world, but I like to play jack and the beanstalk by netent at mrbet casino. I should say, I haven't noticed that the slots are cold there as I won each time I played. But if I worried whether the slot was cold or not, I would play until I lost half the money. There should be a moment to stop.
  10. Andrew444

    My biggest wins

    I've just satrted playing online casinos, but I hope to win such a sum of money (or bigger) soon
  11. Andrew444

    Massive jackpot!

    The dream of every player
  12. Andrew444

    Movies about gambling

    I can add Killing Them Softly, Casino, Casino Royale, Croupier, Maverick
  13. Andrew444

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Andrew and I'm a newbie here. I started gambling not long ago, so I'm looking for the good casinos suggestions and some useful tips.