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  1. wishmasterisking

    Guessing Competition 10/7

    13013 euro Wishmasterisking
  2. wishmasterisking

    ★«»•●☆♥Congrats DaddyEbro♥ ☆•●«»★

    Congratz Ebro. This must meen you are The new PoTM with an x-win of😊 4000ish kg?
  3. wishmasterisking

    Guessing Competition 9/7

    13013 euro Wishmasterisking
  4. wishmasterisking

    Guessing Competition 8/7

    13013 euro Wishmasterisking
  5. Ebro PoTM with 1300x Wishmasterisking
  6. wishmasterisking

    Guessing Competition 27/6

    4013 euro Wishmasterisking
  7. wishmasterisking

    Guessing Competition 23/6

    13013 euro Wishmasterisking
  8. wishmasterisking

    Guessing Competition 16/6

    3013 euro. Wishmasterisking
  9. I hate mobile version of the social tourneys, when getting freespins on ia Fairytale Fortune, you can not start The freespins on phone. Very irritating. Tried to have desktop view but still not works.
  10. wishmasterisking

    32000x DOA2

    Sick hit. When is it my turn to get that 😀
  11. wishmasterisking

    1 Miljon

    Insane, just insane. GC!
  12. wishmasterisking

    Masse tells about printer of the month

    😂😑😂 Sry fot The bad qual, just did it in a jiffy. Snapchat-1184418882.mp4
  13. Woweh. Nice one. I Will win it.
  14. wishmasterisking

    Our sincere apologies...

    WHERE IS MY HOODIE GOD DAMN IT?? 😠😂 Nah, just kidding. I know you guys do a good job to get us viewers happy and satisfied, but its good that you come with an explenation and hopefully people read this. Keep up The good job mods and CD 👊😍