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    Issue with kassu casino

    its already sorted,got help from somone on casinogrounds instead
  2. isheriae

    Issue with kassu casino

    Hey,i have an issue with Kassu casino that you promote on website aboutslots. I signed up through that. I sent in all documents needed for verification the 10th of mars and also a withdrawal of 1700 euro. Now its 6 days and way over the time fram they give that is 72 hours. I only gets excuses all the time,seems like they try to delay it as long as they can. Are you able to help me with this issue?:) The casino seems dodgy to say the least,if you see on askgambler,they clearly have a history of delaying payments for months,and still you chose to promote them? I regret my decision to sign up with them already,i play on like 30 different casinos,and never have i experienced this delay of a verification and withdrawal. Its more than due. Any help is appreciated!