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  1. majorninth

    8000x & Huge winning streak. new to slots :)

    Congratulations This is exactly how you get hooked / addicted to slots
  2. majorninth

    Full line best symbol

    Today I did like 1000 spins on this game on 2PLN and got really nothing of profit. Deposited another bullet and raised stake from 2 to 4 quickly got bonus and then in the bonus got full line best symbol. Already cashed out.
  3. majorninth

    Nobody expected this

    Final spins before cashout and then this happened. On the last spin in the bonus I got unlocked all 3 wilds and then final spin a lot of blonde lady with x2. Never played this game before
  4. majorninth

    Like 2 months ago got this 5000x win

    full line of exploreres is 500x?