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  1. gravdesgdihoca

    Suggestion for bonushunter website

    I think it's a good idea!
  2. gravdesgdihoca

    Homegame Pokerstars problem

    To be honest, I never had this problem and everything went well when I was playing, but I think that you can continue, I don't see any reasons why you can't recieve the gift. Otherwise, if you're afraid because you think that you can lose it, you can try to play on another platforms like DELETED LINK until the problem on your account gets solved. Anyways, I don't think that it is that difficult, they will send you the gift even if you play another home game, so I don't think you need worry about that. plz dont post links that CD is not affiliated with
  3. gravdesgdihoca

    Casino Heroes

    Dude, frankly speaking, the poker online game does not always require cool features from your phone. Personally I play on score888 on my Samsung S6 edge. By and large, if your smartphone or tablet costs more than $ 150- $ 200, then this will be quite enough for a comfortable and uninterrupted game of mobile poker. If we are talking about Android, then it would be great to have a version at least 4.0. In the case of "apple" devices, iOS 7 and higher versions are welcome. Good luck with the game.
  4. gravdesgdihoca


    What is happening all over the world is just a horror, this damn pandemic makes people wild animals