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  1. AdamKoul

    Poker is no longer a game of skill

    I.e? How? YES, it was always a game of experience! There you need skill and experience to outwit your opponent, bluff! Have you heard about this at all? Without it, there is no way, so why is this not the main principle of the game? The more skill you have and the skill of the game, the better you play, then even argue about what. This is where roulette and slot machines are not needed for skill and skill, there is pure luck DELETED LINK even the same luck at bets. And poker would always be a skill game.
  2. AdamKoul

    Just say HI

    Hello! I'm Nick, 26 years old, moved to Louisiana, how are you?
  3. AdamKoul

    Soccer Fans

    that's fun