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  1. On 4/12/2019 at 12:22 PM, dernor0308 said:

    Great support!

    That was the last time i used your links, at least you got your affiliate money.

    I honestly had almost the same experience, i was scammed for my money and afrer this unpleasant experience I wanted to dig a little deeper and find out some more about these affiliate money and bonuses. Well apparently, it says right here https://www.affiliate-programs.biz/where-to-buy-gambling-traffic/ that providing gambling traffic can get you 30 to 50 % revenue! that is crazy!!! 

  2. On 11/21/2019 at 7:56 AM, jessicadaniels said:


    Online Gambling is a game of chance that gives you the benefits of receiving large payoffs with small investments. Such benefits are so alluring for individuals that online gambling becomes quite a risk at times. Today, I want to highlight the most severe risks & uncertainties around such games.


    1. The Promise of Large Bonuses

    Most online casino websites offer lucrative bonuses with signups. This is one of the common attention seeking methods which enables players to sign up & bid high. 


    2. Landing on Fraudulent & Fake Websites

    One of the most common risks associated with online gambling is landing on fraudulent & fake websites. All these websites specialise in is money laundering & criminal activities.


    3. Leak of Personal Information

    Online gambling sites can easily target audience & get access to their personal details. The fake websites can store your banking details & get a peep into your account. 


    4. Easy to Bet

    Online Gambling sites offer the chance of easy betting & easier losing. It is a matter of seconds here when you realise that you have already been played out of all your money. 


    5. Zone Out

    It is always really easy to zone out while dealing with online gambling sites. This mostly happens when there is no track of how much you are betting & for how long are you playing. It is always recommended to stay alert while gambling online. 


    6. Bot Players

    Yes, this might seem weird but online casino sites can definitely arrange a game between you and a bot. After all, you risk here your money & time. 


    7. Illegal Operations

    Many a times, online gambling can lead you to the risk of entering illegal websites. There are many countries where online gambling comes under illegal businesses. Getting in association with such websites is surely a big risk.

    Take the measures mentioned here & hopefully online gambling will be risk free for you!





    Hey! I do agree that online casinos are super risky and even sketchy. They have grown into multi billion dollar industry that basically sucs money out of people. There are tonn of Affiliate Programs which make it easy for the marketers to earn money and get about 30% revenue. You can check it out right here https://www.affiliate-programs.biz/where-to-buy-gambling-traffic/  , hope you find it useful!

  3. On 6/1/2017 at 11:01 AM, Pringles said:

    This is really fueled by watching LetsGiveItASpin's stream when he won about 60k euro and something that was a really poor and pathetic attempt at blaming surroundings instead of taking responsibility for one's own actions and position. All this being said, I like LetsGiveItASpin he seems like a really nice guy that wants to and does a lot of good for his viewers, but that does not give a free pass from acting like a spoiled child that can't take care of himself. He is a grown man for fuck sake, start acting like one.


    When YOU own a bank account, a neteller account, paypal account, casino account.. you get the idea at this point, then you're also solely responsible for those accounts, what you use it for and how you use it. It is no one else's responsibility than your own. When you deposit somewhere and things go bad and you tilt because of it and empty out your bank account or whatever account, do not try to justify your tilt by saying "oh they should have stopped me" "the bank/whatever ewallet should have limited my access to casino's the second it became obvious I have a problem". It is YOUR responsibility to stop, every single time you find something to blame it on, other than yourself, you give your own fuck ups justification to continue happening because after all, it's always someone or something else's fault right? WRONG, it's yours and yours alone.


    This goes just as much for when you hit a big win anywhere, you are responsible to NOT spew it off. If a casino can't make the transfer to your account as soon as you wish they could, whether you're an affiliate or not, YOU have a responsibility to yourself to get the fuck off the site and stay away till the money is on your account, close down your account for a week or month if necessary, do whatever you have to do for yourself to avoid using the account. Don't act like a brat in support because you're not getting your way when you want and need it, that's selfish and ignorant at best. If people not doing as you want when it's important for you is a problem, you need to get yourself sorted out. This isn't a popular fact to give out, but you can deny it till you're blue in the face, yet it will never change. Addiction is just a word that is the perfect excuse to continue making bad decisions and putting blame on anything and anyone you can think of to justify to yourself you can continue the pattern and not put in the effort to fix yourself. Having an addiction is telling everyone around you, you want to cause problems for yourself, because words are useless.. you can say all you want that you don't want to cause damage to yourself, but your actions is telling a flawless story. If you wanted to rid yourself of a problem, as long as it's not an actual damage to your brain that can't be repaired, you would do it. It's that hard and that simple. Stop with the bullshit excuses and own your own responsibilities, stop lying to yourself of what the actual problem is and who it is and fix it.

    Man. that is a very very sad story. From my observes, I believe that a majority of the online casinos are money suckers. Why? Well, every online casino has an affiliate program that is made for other websites that have gambling traffic and they pay good revenue out of it (from 30%-50% revenue share). If you don't believe me then look at this article here - https://www.affiliate-programs.biz/where-to-buy-gambling-traffic/ I am sure you will change your mind about gambling industry afterwards. Good luck!

  4. I agree! I became interested in sports betting a few days ago. I decided to try again. Vulcan Vegas, As a result, I lost time and money. Although the amount was not large.

  5. Ну, лично у меня проблем с PlayAttack не было. Я играю на этих сайтах 2 года и у меня не было никаких проблем. Однако некоторые из онлайн-казино, которые я нашел на этом сайте:  Bitwin очень подозрительны и, вероятно, созданы для очень глупых людей.