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  1. I am just waiting for MGA message. I am just confused, because on docume ts of MGA states that ADR decisionn should be binding for both parties(operator and player) and operator would not refer player to take this to MGA. Thry declined to follow decision of thePogg as it states in their message, but after my case ive found cases where this operator was particulated with ThePogg. When the ADR result should be binding, can MGA decide tocdont follow their decision and dont give me my money back?
  2. Still didnt recieve answer from MGA. Complaint send 20.2.2020
  3. I did. MGA got it on table for 4 monts. But I am afraid that they will decide it against me even they supported thePoggs decision.
  4. Hello. I would like to ask u. 1stly i want to say ive never been gambler since i had a depression due to family tragedy. I made account on Casino "nonamed". In 1st 5 days ive deposited over 13k dollars. I think its the 1st indication to make kyc procedure. Nothing happend. It ended up when i was on 40k deposits during 2 weeks without any interaction. Had cancelled withdrawals (another indicator) Then i got lucky and wanted to withdrawal atleast 17k dollars. During this VIP flag was added to my account WITHOUT ANY VERIFICATION. Then it happend, I was informed I need to do verify myself then I can withdrawal. I send all needed documents, this process needed a lot of tries, during this time I canceled withdrawals again but came back with another withdrawal. After staff asked me what is my opinion on the casino, ive told him my story and that i am gambling only because of depression. This nigh I cancelled again my withdrawals and lost all. Kindly asked if there is willing step to give me atleast money back I had after I told my story about my problem. They said no. Then i tried to put my case on pogg.com where they had long conversation with them and after 4 months of interaction with casino and MGA they decided that after one conversation I have right to have my money back, since I was showing high indicators of problem with gambling. Casino didnt follow they decision which by poggs words is lawly binding and I have to contact MGA. MGA has this on table for 3 months. This casino has UKGC and MGA, but since I am not from UK i had to chose MGA. By articles by UKGC a lot of casinos got so high penalties rightly for this and players had refunded. Do u think that MGA has the same look on that sotuation? No KYC, no AML, no warning or asking me if i am ok, nothing. It started when i wanted to withdrawal and my withdrawal was up for 12 hours. Previous ones where my withdrawals holds for few hours and then cancelled didnt require anything. Thanks and sorry for my english. I think this casino really hard breached their social responsibility. Here is mesaage ThePogg posted on my complaint, even after that Blacklisted this Casino od their site. We have had a very long conversation with Casino *** regarding this issue. Having reviewed this case in detail it is the opinion of this service that there was sufficient indications given in your interactions with this operator that the operator should have excluded you on Responsible Gambling grounds. Before making a ruling we consulted with the Malta Gaming Authority regarding the basic grounds for the ruling and the regulator indicated that they grounds for the ruling sufficient to support the ruling based on what we had shown them. Having informed Casino *** of this ruling they have explicitly stated that they will not comply with the ruling given and have insisted that the case be escalated to the MGA for review. It is our understanding that the ADR system in place under the MGA license does not offer any facility for operators to demand such escalation of complaints to the regulator by either player or operator. The grounds upon which the operator has refused to respect our ruling is the claim that as they have not yet got round to updating their terms and conditions document to include a complaint policy that is compliant with the MGA license they hold. As far as we can see this is unsupported by the ADR Service Agreement they have signed, which explicitly states that the "Effective Date" for the agreement was the 4th of September 2019 and makes no exclusion for the operator having to update their terms prior to coming into effect. As such we view this defence as illegitimate and - in line with our ADR Service Agreement with the operator - consider our ruling to be legally binding. This case is found in favour of the Player and it is the opinion of this service that the Player is entitled to a refund of losses after the point where Casino ***'s agents should have acted to close their account. Given that Casino *** have stated their intention not to comply with this ruling we would recommend that you contact the MGA regarding this issue. We will likewise be passing further information on to the regulator about this case. Thanks, ThePOGG