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  1. thats the thing i love the most with money train, massive base game hits. love it! congrats!
  2. damn thats a nice sight congrats!
  3. HELL YE! Besides money train, this is my favorite for sure!
  4. full screen symbols and a decent win https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU8sLk_07Kk&t=1s
  5. i thought this is gonna be just another book game, but it surprised me with its features. Its really fun and it pays nice.
  6. this slot is hard af...u can go thousands of spins without hitting anything significant, but when it does the reward seem even greater cause of all the struggling before that
  7. oooh damn! awesome!!! ive hit the same config, i just had 3 wilds and 2 top symbols congrats man!
  8. mother of god! never seen multi this high! jezzs! congrats!!
  9. UPDATE: guys from Push Gaming have responded and are now actively helping to investigate the validity of the games on this site.
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