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  1. i thought this is gonna be just another book game, but it surprised me with its features. Its really fun and it pays nice.
  2. Aleš Temnikar

    Napoleon paid finally

    this slot is hard af...u can go thousands of spins without hitting anything significant, but when it does the reward seem even greater cause of all the struggling before that
  3. Aleš Temnikar

    Napoleon paid finally

  4. Aleš Temnikar

    Napoleon paid finally

    oooh damn! awesome!!! ive hit the same config, i just had 3 wilds and 2 top symbols congrats man!
  5. Aleš Temnikar

    Razor Shark 1000x Coin

    oh hey there coin congrats!
  6. Aleš Temnikar

    Exposing Potential Scam Casino - LIVE

    chats attitude 😮
  7. Aleš Temnikar

    Gonzo's Quest Megaways has burst!! 12602x

    ulala! congrats!
  8. Aleš Temnikar

    Im lost for words...this is insane!!!

    mother of god! never seen multi this high! jezzs! congrats!!
  9. Aleš Temnikar

    Exposing Potential Scam Casino - LIVE

    UPDATE: guys from Push Gaming have responded and are now actively helping to investigate the validity of the games on this site.
  10. Aleš Temnikar

    100 Eurko and a Dream

    thats some ballz u have congrats!
  11. Aleš Temnikar

    Exposing Potential Scam Casino - LIVE

    UPDATE: there are still no replys by Casollo support regarding verification and withdrawal process. I did managed to get in contact with the issuer of their license and will make a report there if they do not reply in a few days. In their corresponding mail i have found all the significant email addresses from this casino, the support was trying to hide - accounting, representative, complaint dep, etc... Ive sent requests to Push Gaming (razor shark, jammin jars..), and PlaynGo (reactoonz) to confirm the validity of their games on the site and to confirm the winnings on slots ive won on. No answers yet. I have also asked the LBC forums for help. Representative named Melissa is also trying to get in contact with them, but no returning info yet. will update when anything happens. ty
  12. Aleš Temnikar


    thats sick, congrats!
  13. Hi fellow spinners! Recently ive started to play on a site called Casollo Casino. Theyve attracted me with a nice reload bonus, which terms ive checked and seemed fine, and ive checked if the casino has an operating licence...what i did not check was what type of license it is, which will now probably cost me about 5.5k of money. After couple of highly unusual communications with their support, ive started doing a little research. Turns out many of the casinos out there are operating under a fishy licenses issued in Curacao. These are: Antillephone N.V. which also operates under the name Gamings Licenses (sic). The license number of this company is 8048 / JAZ. Curaçao eGaming: this company provides eGaming licenses, where eGaming refers to the name of the company and not to the purpose of the license. Curacao eGaming license number is 1668 / JAZ. Curaçao Interactive Licensing N.V. under license number 5536 / JAZ. Gaming Curacao N.V. under license number 365 / JAZ. ** casollo operates under this license. All these turn out to be licenses issued under telecommunication sector and not gambling. I advise caution dealing with these casinos. Now ive been thinking a lot how to properly dead with these guys, so ive started by first validating the licenses and games they provide. Ive spoken with Mr. Mizzi at NoLimitCity (game provider) - they run Tombstone, deadwood etc....ive won biggest sums on Tombstone on this casino.....ive asked him if he can confirm the validity of the games to which he replied: `At first glance we can't seem to recognise the brand, but it's likely that this site may be going through one of our aggregator and/or Whitelabel partners who may seem to be loading the games incorrectly and do not always disclose the brands we are live on through them.` He did say they will investigate further. I will update the forums with the outcome. Ive also contacted other manufacturers. The second thing im going to do is to start uploading video clips of dealing with them. Im also thinking to start my BumSlot Stream by dealing with these guys. Im sure there are a lot of people out there being scammed like this, that would find these type of infos very useful. BTW* anyone that can help on this matter, please come forward. more help and info we can get, the better. ty Anything else i could do to put pressure on the casino? thanks
  14. Aleš Temnikar

    World record win!