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  1. Hello From Sunny Greece I am starting that thread to get a straight answer from you guys or at least a responsible answer. I asked twice on the stream in public twitch chat and also private and i got 0 answer. I understand if u refuse to answering or u pretend u dont see my question through all this spam there is in ur chat during streaming. So my question is simple: If im not mistaken every week or at least once every 2 weeks u get a highroller bonus from casinos like Quasar Gaming , 21Casino etc. Your agreement is to cashout MAX 10k usually , irrelevant the balance you have at that moment and ONLY after you made a wager of usually 40-50x. This is the part that i totally understand, its free money the casinos giving you OBVIOUSLY for marketing /advertisement purposes and they will decide what are the rules u gonna follow. There is one problem and its called money laundry and win win situation for both of u guys and the casinos: Lets say we have a balance of 20k. You are allowed to withdraw 10k, what is happening with the rest of the 10k balance?Answer: the casinos can justify 10k profit and wagered out of nowhere. Sorry but this is called money laundring and you know u are in engaged in that situation. All of your fans usually when u do this highroller stream, see 3 guys that they USUALLY winning a very nice amount of money from slots that they usually are DEAD or very cold. So after that each casino has a lot of new customers depositing new FRESH money to live the dream they just saw on the stream... So we have a win win situation for and the casinos: -casinodaddy win money out of nowhere -casinos justify-money laundring big amount of money -casinos has a lot of new customers cause of casinodaddy publicity -a lot of new customers loosing their money in HOPE of living the dream, but they will found out that novomatics for example give bonus once out of 257 spins (official novomatic infos) and usually its shitty as 20 30x and so on so on. I mean guys, every smart person on earth can understand what is going on with those highroller bonuses and soon a lot of people will be mad cause of this situation. Remember to keep ur Authentic style, and remain 3 guys that playing their money and their 100%-200% deposit bonuses. P.S. Its not POLITE to NOT answer to this kind of important matters during the stream. I understand u making profit from this situation but dont believe that all of your viewers are DUMB sheeps.