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  1. Razor Shark has been mentioned, and it's kind of a game I am looking for. However the sites I play on do not offer Razor Shark. Post any slot games with maximum win potential of 20000× bet, or higher. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I am looking for slots similiar to Buffalo King (93750×), Drago (48000×) and Euphoria (+20000×) If you know any, please post it! No jackpot games. Please do not post: Star Clusters, Dead or Alive II
  3. Hello, I hope users could recommend me games similiar to Buffalo King and Drago (up to 93750× and 48000× your bet). I am not looking for jackpot games. The RTP of the game has to be minimum of 96%. Please do not mention: Dead or Alive II and games that have no potential to win over 20000×. Thanks in advance