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  3. Would love to hear from @Dan_Pragmatic on statistics, settings and the math behind a game, Im one that overall very unlucky in these games, there is a very obvious difference , not going to name the sites, but getting mostly deadspins (and this same of any provider on that particular site) On other sites the whole game feels totally different , the rtp is noticeable and having you on the edge teasing you to continue. Been trying different strats to see If I can influence my luck, but Im guessing its a fatal move as the games math resets per spin and not keeping track of anything else. Constant badluck, even here after 20 rounds, no variations (btw Im a low end player, mostly $0.1 - $0.53 a pull)
  4. I cant catch a break in anything, perhaps this is a sign to stop living #404
  5. After played 6 rounds, mostly not even reaching over 100th place wondering how on earth is it even possible to get 60k and over points (also seeing results like 159k , must be wrong or cheat ?) I did manage to get scamas bonus once or twice per round, Its like this on any casino, I must be the unluckiest player ever
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    RogueNerdy my twitch www.twitch.tv/roguenerdy here is my youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCbkf1KDxhXFM5BD1uFLHQfg
  7. 8800€ RogueNerdy rockbottom in life, hope I get a win
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    Guessing Competition 20/4

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