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    Thank you for the reply @Spinner89 However, they are not giving me any information at all. The are just saying that they can't tell me anything. I have waited 72 hours now and they are still ignoring me. As i stated in the post, my documents are fine as i checked with them twice. They have not mentiod anything about the payment method either. I am really starting to think that they are scamming me. As i got the link from the bro's i sure hope that noone else gets scammed.
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    Hi, I recently started playing on Yonibet, the support has been kind and the responsiveness has been excellent. However, now that I want to withdraw my winnings they are taking forever to process it. I've waited over 48 hours (they state that it takes them 24-48) and when i am contacting their livesupport they are just telling me that they have problem, nothing else, no eta or anything. I have verified my documents (checked with them twice to make sure that they are in order). I have not played with a bonus either. Has anyone else had any problems with them? //couldyouplease