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  1. Rolly

    won big!!!!

    Nice, congrats
  2. Rolly

    Guessing Competition 13/03

    4769 ROLLYroland
  3. Rolly

    IN TO THE SANE big win, 57 spins

    Woooweh. congrats
  4. Rolly

    A good win I would say.

    OMG 😮 that is a great win, Ninja has a big potenziale. Congrats
  5. Rolly

    Decent hit on primal (10,000x)

    Sick one, that is more than "decent" congrats
  6. Rolly

    5345x dragons fire

    WOW 😮 Congrats
  7. Rolly

    300 shields Almost 3000 x!!!

    WOW 😮 congrats, 300 shields definitely has some big potenziale
  8. Rolly

    good or ?

    not good... GREAT! congrats
  9. Rolly

    EXTRA CHILLI 0.20 BET 2200.5x

    Nice win,congrats
  10. Rolly

    1000x on Jungle Spirit

    Sick hit. Congrats
  11. Rolly

    CasinoHeroes / Speedybet

    lower stakes for him can be high stakes for someone else... So for example if he deposited 100 and the bet size was 5 or over that, those are high stakes compared to the deposit.
  12. Rolly

    CasinoHeroes / Speedybet

    New Account,Small Deposit,High Bets , idk if you did high bets but those are signs of Gambling Problems, so that is why they might have "detected" that and close the account. Also, Happy Birthday ❤️