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  1. Wow! I love the 20 free spins! How did you get that much prize? Congrats! Do you have some betting strategies to share with us? I am more of an d’Alembert System fan. It slightly works like the classic Martingale trick, but mostly used by beginners because it is safer and has lower risks. Instead of doubling the stake, I only add one unit to the stake and deduct another one unit after each win.
  2. Congrats! Great win! But, isn’t that a highly volatile slot game? What were your strategies?
  3. is this a mobile game of some sort? and if it is I might be interested to play it. lol I just want to try something new, been playing a lot of dota 2, runescape and even online slots
  4. Hi! I am also writing this to say how sorry I am for what you have experienced. I hope that that site gets reported many times to be finally taken down.
  5. Awesome wins! What was the total amount of your stake? If it is okay to ask? Been trying to win from this game but I have not yet developed any progress or strategies.
  6. Fun memes! I love all of them ha ha ha! What had me cracking was the onion and potato picture that says ‘after you lose all your money on casinodaddy and all you have left in the house is this’
  7. Congrats on your big wins! To those of you who will be interested in trying out this slot game, here’s my quick review. The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew slot employs a Cluster Pays mechanism and is played on a 7x7 grid. Landing clusters of 5 or more matching symbols or wilds results in a winner. The volatility is quite high in this game, with the extra features providing the biggest wins. The maximum payout is 5,000 times your entire bet.
  8. Man this is getting out of hand. My friend showed me that he has seen this as well, and I think it is really a big change so far as there are many players getting that big jackpot going at the very least. One can say that this is full of action for players who are loving the game’s flow.
  9. Wow, that is some huge win for you at this point in time. I like the way you flexed this one and i am sure you are really proud of yourself this time. I do think that you can still work a lot with it and even try to make sure that there are others that can actually push you.
  10. Man that is a huge record and i do believe that you took your time in playing this one at the very least. One can have that kind of record going for days and I think you could have done so as well. Maybe there is just a little bit of something for you when it comes to playing that.
  11. Yeah that one is definitely darude sandstorm. How come you have never heard this one when this is always used in so many memes and internet stuff. It is like you were born yesterday man. Maybe you need to get back up with the latest music and all just to be familiar with the ones that are used in the memes and other viral posts that the internet has. That keeps you hooked when it comes to working out on the other stuff that you do since this song is very much full of beats that could keep you dancing.
  12. Yoooo! Would love to see that more often in my games haha. I've been playing safe all the time with minimum wagers and on autoplay. I had it set to stop with each win just in case.
  13. They're real and really convenient too. To be fair, you do have to be careful when choosing which casino to go to. There are cases of scam, for sure, but it's easy to tell them apart. You could go to Casino Guru or Askgamblers about what's hip and what's not.
  14. Why so many 24s? I feel uncomfortable seeing this... yet very intrigued so go on.
  15. There are some intriguing slots at REMOVED URL. You could play with the safe ones with high RTPs but if you want something risky but with high wins they have those too. PLZ DO NOT POST OTHER LINKS THAT IS OT AFFILIATED WITH CASINODADDY.
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