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    Is this why Merlin is so angry all the time? Somebody took his rice and Play n' Go won't let us help him get it back!
  2. AureaRea

    free spins

    Yes, they do not stack. You have to wait until the bonus replenish before ordering more. You can't withdraw that amount now.
  3. AureaRea

    Dispute, and my first one won

    It must've felt really cool, huh! You deserve that 2000 bucks so you enjoy your victory!
  4. AureaRea


    This is the reason why you need to watch out for your bankroll. There is nothing wrong with having fun placing bets. Having you have to make sure that everything is in moderation. No matter how fun it is responsible gambling should still be observed. To avoid overspending, it is better to set a betting limit. In this way, you will also know when to stop playing. Chasing loses is also not recommended this might force you to overspend. Better quit a game and look for another one rather than wasting your time and money. Enjoy playing but be reminded when to stop.
  5. AureaRea

    Skill slots

    ohhh! there are a lot of casino slots that offer even thousands of slot games to choose from. You just need to choose your preferred slot game. Well, if you do not want to place your bets first. You can simply click the free play mode of any slot game. This will allow you to play the game without placing any bet. The only downside is that once you win, you will not get any winnings. However, it is the best way to try the game first without risking any amount of money. Majority of the slot games or even table games has a free mode.
  6. AureaRea

    Poker payouts!

    It is a good thing that you guys said it in advance. A great way to avoid confusion especially to those who are new to this community. I do see a lot of negative feedback about playing PokerStars. But I did not really encounter any problem while playing or even when depositing funds or withdrawing my winnings. I think it depends on your gaming strategy and your betting style. Nevertheless, I think they should other payment options so that it can be easier to deposit funds. Hope to get more wins tho! I already have a better alternative for video pokers.
  7. AureaRea

    Poker Music

    Ohhhh did not know that there is such a thing as poker music. Well, thanks for all of the recommendations tho. Will definitely add some to my playlist. At first, I was thinking of the background music usually played every time you play poker. But yup, I was thinking wrong haha. Also realized that there are a lot of songs that have a casino game on it. I personally encountered a lot of songs that have roulette on it... and also playing cards. Well, not really wondering why there are a lot of movies that are also inspired by the casino industry.
  8. AureaRea

    bitcoin slots

    To make sure that a company is trusted, you need to make sure that it has a license to operate and is regulated by a casino governing body. Having multiple payment methods is also a good sign that it is casino allowed to operate. Although there are a lot of sceptics about placing bets online. It is much more safer. This is because each crypto transaction is encrypted. Even though your transaction is recorded in the blockchain, your information is hidden. Most of the casino sites also have their security system to make sure the safety of the information of their bettors.
  9. AureaRea


    Yay. thanks for this thread. Been curious about this. Looking forward to more threads like this.
  10. AureaRea

    ELK never pays Kappa (5000x on IO)

    Woah! that is a huge amount of money! congrats! it is such a steal! 🤙
  11. AureaRea

    I know what you did last summer

    Thanks for this, will definitely check this out. Really hope this will work. 🙏
  12. How does this work? I am a bit confused. Can someone explain it to me? What will I guess?