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    Casinos hates Ante

    haha lol imagine that being real, I mean how can it be true if this happens once in ages lol. I have tried many times to get high rewards by low deposits and it would work but you will never see the true mechanics on it. I love to do it on vslots88 and I can tell you that if you get some wins even with low deposit, increasing your capital in few times, you will never think that this is the STOP and you will lose money if you go further. So what I want to say that this is possible, but it happens very rare.
  2. kingsizexx

    free spins

    yeah usually those casinos don't give the cashout . there are so many awesome advertises of casinos and other gambling sites saying no deposit required yet so many of them allows you to withdraw your winnings, or just your money after first deposit. Many of my friends brag about their casino jackpots, but they never tell how much they lose before that. Well, thanks to god or who else is there to thank, I've tried once my luck in gambling, I won and stopped after that. And thanks again that I got on a right site that allowed me to withdraw everything.