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  1. A nice new slot introduced by PlayNgo! Hope u see the 3 pics as 1 meme
  2. Guess: 9526 Twitch/Youtube: LaserkingNL
  3. take care mate and thanks for giving advice, i think it is a thing that more people (including myself) sometimes are struggling with.
  4. Guess: 15112 Twitch/Youtube: Dutch Bonus Hunters (youtube)
  5. Guess: 18743 Twitch/Youtube: Dutch Bonus Hunters (youtube)
  6. Hi All, My name is Nathan, i am 34 years old and from the Netherlands. I love playing slots for as long is i can remember! Used to play poker a lot in the time it was really popular, now i just play online casino's most of the time. Last year i went to Las Vegas with my two brothers. For now, i often play a low stakes bonushunt with my brother, we play with like 200 euro's and then play 0.20 ct bets (see our nice win on greta goes wild the other day). Nice to be a part of this forum now!
  7. Got a nice hit last sunday on Greta Goes Wild playing a 20 ct bonushunt with my brother.
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