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  1. Emil Valentaj

    Grand jackpot won!

    Congratulation man
  2. Emil Valentaj

    Skill slots

    What are skill slots? I have never heard of them. I thought that, slots work at RNG principle But I'll look at that as well soon
  3. Emil Valentaj

    Monopoly live just hit 9600x....

  4. Emil Valentaj

    Homegame Pokerstars problem

    I also heard about it from acquaintances, but it never happened to me
  5. Emil Valentaj

    Playing under a VPN

    I use VPN all the time. It is also a kind of protection against hacking. There are also many good and free VPN services, however, it is better to get a paid version.
  6. Emil Valentaj

    bitcoin slots

    Interesting, I have never heard about bitcoin slots. But in my opinion, im little bit scared of that
  7. Emil Valentaj

    Poker Music

    I listen sound track from LoL world tournament called Legends never die. I like it soo much. Sometimes i just play random mix on YT
  8. Emil Valentaj

    Looking for slots with huge win potential

    All machines, or at least the good ones, work on the principle of RNG - Random number generator, so there is a little chance to win a really huge win.In my opinion it is better to play in licensed casinos with maybe less chance to win, but with more security
  9. The websites looks good, but are there some entry bonuses? Becouse i'm thinking of start playing on some new online casinos, becouse they have great entry bonuses and good customer service. Im a little bit confused right now 😂
  10. Emil Valentaj


    I didn't play online poker until the corona came. After that i started play sometimes. Its really good, but you need to find casino with license. In other case, you can be beat by algorithms which manipulate results and you cant do anything. So be careful.
  11. Emil Valentaj

    My biggest win!

    Very nice, I wish a i had as luck as you are
  12. Emil Valentaj

    Get live dealers.

    This websites looks good, i will try it next time.
  13. Emil Valentaj

    Live Blackjack Casino

    I dont think 😀 but it depends on the casino, some of them has a bad algorithm which manipulates the results. But if you play BJ with real dealer i cant image, how they can manipulate results if you win or lose. But i have never played at exclusive tables, so i dont know.
  14. Emil Valentaj

    Online casinos...real or fake?

    Whether you will win also depends on the type of casino, for that is really important to choose a casino with the licence. On the internet is so much online casinos, but you have to be really careful which one you choose. There is lots of "magic" casinos which promise you incredible wins. Its all fake, they just want to steal your money.