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    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 18/1

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  7. don't worry, everything has a solution in life .. wait a little longer and you will see they will help you ..
  8. info to consider for deposits and withdrawals from WestCasino:
  9. maybe they receive your email into the spam folder, so you should try to contact them on discord for example. they stream daily and theres almost 5K members in poker homegame and 163K+ followers on twitch and 63K+ youtube subscribers so maybe they missed your email for some reason
  10. Hey man, maybe you should try to make a small deposit with skrill and wait 24 hours and see if skrill is available to withdraw ? (as i can read on your post you said you deposited with card but not skrill) on my experiences on other casinos, you must deposit first in order to activate same method to withdraw funds (cashouts to mastercard/visa cards are allowed but not for all countries so maybe thats the reason why you having some small problems) i recommend this site: https://www.payglobel.com/ you can move funds there using skrill/neteller/paypal/cards/bank accounts/Btc - among others to deposit and cashout, very useful. (theres small fees when you cashout to card for example but is small) If you do not see a solution within some more time, you can contact the jurisdiction in Malta and make a complaint (only against the casino with which you have conflict, since casinodaddy cannot be held responsible for payments not made by the casino since the casino have their own terms&conditions) info added on screenshot attached: there you can see is regulated, incorporated under the malta laws and theres also their address, so with this all we can see everything is in order, so theres must be some issue with your account, your country, your payment method, or something else, but with more patient and being intelligent, you should receive your money (if its clean and all balance is withdrawable) sometimes is hard to receive winnings, some time ago i waited 1 month to complete verification and being able to cashout from a site, so your hope is alive until they ban you or they close your account, otherwise theres always a hope. im just a simple person trying to help and trying to give you my humble opinion. so im not responsible for anythyng related to this. Good Luck and we hope you can solve this. (screenshot) :
  11. JVR4UL

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 17/1

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