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  1. cmudavecmu

    Donuts Win 131x multiplier

    Damn madness Best i seen so far keep at it
  2. cmudavecmu

    3150x on chilli

    nice hit tits spend it wisely
  3. cmudavecmu

    Big win on 10 crowna bet, third spin, 10465 crown win

    nice name Cashout fast b4 they eat you
  4. cmudavecmu

    Fish Tank 634€ hit made my day

    nice Pete Now save it up for the Party
  5. cmudavecmu

    BOD 1052X Explorer

    Damn nice nearly broke too cashoout half atleast hehe
  6. cmudavecmu

    1200x on jammin jars

    Spend it wisely Gie
  7. cmudavecmu

    2500x immortal romance 4x wild line

    Grats Hij Cashout fassssssssst
  8. cmudavecmu

    New intro song

  9. cmudavecmu

    DM grind 1600x basegame hit (32 ways diamond)

    Nice Hanta Hopefully cashing out half
  10. cmudavecmu

    Avalon II 2000x win on £1.8 stake

    Good job happpy First decent win have seen from this
  11. cmudavecmu

    3 euro left

    Grats spin do not spend it all in the same shop
  12. cmudavecmu

    2 Days worth of Big Wins! Over 1000x

    Wtg Now to beat them both
  13. cmudavecmu

    garga whisperer (1168x)

    Nice one Tim win more