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  1. G__o__l__d__

    Masse Je Baited

  2. G__o__l__d__


    Dang nice hit CS 150 easy spend it wisely
  3. G__o__l__d__

    Millionaire big win BTG

    Good job Bullets KEep it up Sound seemed High too me Enjoy your streams
  4. G__o__l__d__

    warlords blitz

    Would`ve expected better from that bet size good job though
  5. G__o__l__d__

    Millionaire BIG WIN

    Grats Ric very very nice Hope the Parties not too long
  6. G__o__l__d__

    Great start 2019

    Dragons treasure Nice hits THanks for sharing Tras Hope you cashing out :P
  7. G__o__l__d__

    rise of olympus paid more than i thought

    GRats Nee very unlikely to get that again hehe
  8. G__o__l__d__

    Hello from London!!

    Good start And Welcome Gladzy Hope you can keep it up :P
  9. G__o__l__d__

    5 Scatter dead or alive

    Grats Noticed rest of the bonus pays around 10x
  10. G__o__l__d__

    report the FAKE

    Looks like Masse at home
  11. G__o__l__d__

    What happend tho?

  12. G__o__l__d__

    What happend tho?

    Apparently Porn was shown WTF
  13. G__o__l__d__

    What happend tho?

    Weird as fk
  14. G__o__l__d__

    Unibet new logo

    Arguably, the best known and most widely available one in North America is the Orthodox Union’s, which looks like this: O with a u inside Poor thinking from such a big company Esp with article 13 coming
  15. G__o__l__d__

    like the new trolls bridge

    Damn thought it paid better Good job though
  16. G__o__l__d__

    Insane Lucky ladies charm win! small stake

    Good job Needed that with last 8£ hehe Spend it wisely
  17. G__o__l__d__

    Sickest Sunday ever.. $130 deposit $5k cashout

    Grats Hammer Time Welcome half back atleast
  18. G__o__l__d__

    Bigwin davincis treasure

    Good Job Dont forget too thank Dan
  19. G__o__l__d__

    Sweden Gambling bans

    https://www.spelpaus.se Its in swedish For those that think it has got out of hand
  20. G__o__l__d__

    MAd new phone

    can it be real
  21. G__o__l__d__

    1737x on millionaire base game

    Dang Grats Hope you bringing the PARTY closer to home
  22. G__o__l__d__

    Slow slots.

    From what i have seen Pragmatic hand on spacebar and some netent are under 3 seconds now
  23. G__o__l__d__

    support for JESUS

    IN ENGLISH Story is here !jesus in shoutbox Really hope Erik Has a speedy recovery Get well soon Son Dave
  24. G__o__l__d__

    support for JESUS

    Jesus re broke his arm again in November So more time away And if you all remembered WHAT he said on STREAM I doubt he will be back till after the court cases ETC
  25. Lots more Laws coming for Amazon and big internet companys yet if some go through it will only get tougher Digital copyright The way music, memes and news articles are shared online could be affected by a new digital copyright law proposal from the EU. YouTube has warned that viewers across the EU could be cut off from videos as a result of the controversial Article 13 copyright directive, which would force big tech firms to take responsibility for the copyright status of material posted by users. Members of the European Parliament backed an overhaul to the current law in September, leaving each EU member state to make the final decision in a vote scheduled for January 2019. We will be seeing too many streamers VANISH