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  1. marcus

    5000x on fruit party 0.40p bet

    Congratulations, it turned out great!
  2. marcus

    Bandits Thunder Link 41076x

    A good win, not a bad slot. Congratulations!
  3. marcus

    ceo does another templar thingy

    Congratulations, good win
  4. marcus

    Locowin - seems a bit scammy

    Yes, not a pleasant story. Especially considering all these fake streamers
  5. marcus

    2800x Big Win Gates of olympus

    Congratulations, cool win!
  6. marcus

    Chaos crew 9720x

    Congratulations! 👍
  7. marcus

    East Coast West Coast - Big win

    Congratulations, it looks great
  8. marcus

    Basegame hit fruitparty

    Nice slot and win
  9. marcus

    Huge 2430x BaseGame Hit

    Cool, congratulations
  10. marcus

    Grand jackpot won!

    Grats Good game, lucky!
  11. marcus

    Grand jackpot won!

    Congratulations on your victory, lucky guy. The game was really good 👍
  12. It's a good win anyway. Happy for you!
  13. marcus

    TikiPop BIG WIN

    It turned out cool, congratulations 👍