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  1. Hey @justbeerit ! Thank you very much! 🙏
  2. Casinodaddy stuff, something is really wrong with the store. It's not just we don't get any response, but today I redeemed a Longsleeve shirt, received a code, insert it into the box in the box and got this message: Contacted the streamelement support and they answered I have to contact streamer or his moderator team to solve the issue. now, the twitch chat is busy and my message get lost in a sec., who is the moderator incharged for the store?
  3. well I don't know what to think. nobody can help us I guess? 😥 I have 30k points more to spent, don't want them go to waste...
  4. @captain_delete any news?
  5. Hi! On the other hand I got this reply from streamelements stuff, when asking about christmas socks i ordered months ago Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance
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