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  1. TheOddSwede

    Genie Jackpots Megaways Basegame 1080x

    This game can deliver some sick ? stuff...
  2. TheOddSwede

    Explorers on fire

    First time I hit the magic row of 5 Explorers in BOD, then a few spins after I hit 4 of them ?
  3. TheOddSwede

    2400x Purple Chilli hit

    Had a bit of a break from slots while renovating the kitchen and building a new computer. Coming back seems to gooooood!!! Sick hit with the Purples. End result 2516x
  4. TheOddSwede

    2462x - my fav game keeps it going...

    And the bonus after delivers as well... both on 16 spins btw...
  5. TheOddSwede

    2462x - my fav game keeps it going...

    Another 2200x Purple Chilli hit gave me this monster...
  6. TheOddSwede

    2912x on my fav game...

    Nope very rarely - 16 spins in general but if I have a balance I might go for a gamble - but the game retriggers quite often on 16 spins
  7. TheOddSwede

    2912x on my fav game...

    Yet again a big purple hit for around 2200x... this game rocks
  8. This game keeps giving me massive wins... Question is when will the casinos ban me from playing it... ?
  9. TheOddSwede

    3431x Extra Chilli - 16 spins

    Got so excited when I with 6 spins left hit purples that paid over 12000sek so I forgot to take a screenshot of it, but the end result is not too shabby :-)
  10. TheOddSwede

    How to beat wager...

    Deposited 1000SEK with 150% bonus and 35x wager (felt impossible) but managed a few good hits on Diamon Mine and Bonanza to keep the balance alive. Was down to around 3k when I got bonus on DHV Finished the wager and cashed out 22K - left 3K to play with and did some spins on Extra Chilli - down to 1300 and hit bonus and got paid ? Finished the night on 9K SEK with a 22K withdrawal. Logged in just now and thought I'd buy a 300SEK bonus (6 SEK) and that went pretty well with 2 nice purple hits... Balance now 18K and a 22k SEK pending... not bad for a 1000SEK deposit ?
  11. TheOddSwede

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 18/05

    29292 euro - LESSAGO TheOddSwede_
  12. TheOddSwede

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 17/05

    32323 euro - LESSAGO TheOddSwede_
  13. TheOddSwede

    Extra Chilli - numbers

    Been doing some checking on how often a gamble feature hits on the first and if so how many hits on the 2nd gamble. Been mixing it up by buying and spinning normally. Result over 60 bonuses where 42 were bought. Of the bought ones LISTEN to this one... 11 hit the first wheel to get 12 spins. Of those 11 only 4 went on to 16 spins and of those 2 went to 20. The buying range was from 200kr up to 1000kr. Luckily for me I hit two over 1500x otherwise this would have ruined me. Of the 18 that I hit with normal spins only 5 hit the 12 spins, but all hit the 16 and 4 went to 20. For me atleast the hit rate on the first reel is WAY below the 50% that the game suggest or was I just extremely unlucky?!? Your thoughts?