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  1. If you log in mate you should be able to find your latest conversations, can you please do that? And post it here, or just tell the name of the supporter. I just got confirmation from one more that it means they are sent.
  2. Hi Mate anything new? I spoke with livechat and they confirmed that "Accepted" means money sent. 🙂
  3. Alright, My withdrawal have just been accepted! Thank you @Zyvera and all others who helped in this matter. I believe the rest of you also soon will see accepted withdrawals Thanks and GL
  4. Userrequest yes. And as you could see on Daniels it changes when approved. But look at that date man.. auch
  5. Okay Nice. Mine is still awaiting. Can you let me know how to reach @Zyvera mate? Or maybe have her look at my case? 1,5 months have almost passed 😊
  6. Awesome and yes let's wait mate. Thanks for your effort too Daniel. Also @tacolupus is it possible to create a complaint about a Casino that Askgamblers do not support? Wanted to do so actually, but thought it wasn't possible tbh. Thank you
  7. As Daniel stated in the terms and conditions, it's stated up to 48 hours. Then when you try to withdraw you are not even given the possibility to transfer it back the same method you deposited with. And when you finish your withdrawal you'll get an email stating between 7-21 business days. Which is, like. What?? As I said I work as BM on a casino and never do we ever use more than 48 hours. Often we approve it all day long within.. idk an average of 3-5 hours. 21 business days is just sick. But what is more sick? That they won't approve it even after that
  8. Yeah I feel the same mate. And if everything goes to shit, I just need to only use askgamblers from now on. Otherwise, as I said I am brandmanager at a casino, so if you want to play where you have fellow nice guys gamblers in charge. You just let me know
  9. They are not connected, they do not run on the same license at least, but they are very similar, so maybe behind the scenes they are somehow connected. Anyways, aboutslots/Casinodaddy will transfer our funds if Casinkwin doesn't I'm sure. Another thing this is that I were able to play Netent slots on a Curacao license. That is also not allowed when based in Denmark at least. I promise that I will go the full fucking distance on both parties if nothing happens soon. I'm a brandmanager at a online casino and got contacts in both MGA, DGA and Curacao.
  10. The mail we already started a conversation..... idk 2 weeks ago, havnt had a reply in more than a week. Havnt tried the discord 😊 Thank you bro
  11. @Casinodaddy please acknowledge the issue. Your players are being scammed right now. What the fuck dudes
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