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  1. radishhobble


    It's really big win! Thanks for hope!)
  2. radishhobble

    best slots

    Age of Gods Books of Ra Black Widow Book of Ra is my favorite!)
  3. radishhobble

    Get live dealers.

    Thanks, it's great website with interesting information!) hope it is updated when changes are coming)
  4. radishhobble

    ikibu max cashout

    This is insane! Is this legal, it's mean casino hight his rules about windrow, or what? explain,please
  5. radishhobble

    bitcoin slots

    If crypto going anonymity the casino mustn't has a license for his business, isn't it? Sure if i going with crypto to casino without license - it's unsafe But let's thinking about trustful platform witch accept crypto, and have a good reputation What you think about it?
  6. radishhobble


    Insane winning! Congratulation! few days ago i have the same win, i know your filling! You moving in the right way ?
  7. radishhobble

    4 pharaohs win

    Nice! In the next time it's better to put bigger bet!) You'll have different result) It's good to see topics like this one when the day only started It's give a good mood)
  8. radishhobble

    Movies about gambling

    High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story The Cooler Seabiscuit Rounders The Gambler The Cincinnati Kid 21 The Hustler The Sting Casino Royale Casino
  9. radishhobble

    Enough with the links!

    If somebody have a question and link - it's the better way to explain... What to do in this way I know that you tired from spam links, but how we can exchange an information? I knew the forum's laws but i can't understand - no links never, or no spam links never? it's a big different)
  10. radishhobble

    Tip from a poor man's gambler

    I tried to do the same, but often i can't Better to give my buffer to somebody else, to keep it in safe) Sometimes I'am loose my mind, it's coming back, but it take sometime)
  11. radishhobble


    I prefer a poker games, there more money rolling, and also to have some welcome bonus, if we talk about online.About responsibility you right on 100%if you won some money it's better to relax and don't doing crazy stuff)
  12. radishhobble

    Trustly withdrawal

    Can not agree with you. It's good way to hide yours earning money. But be careful with cheaters, it's a lot in internet, so you should be ready) I use just few reviews, and take games from them. And I trust them as more as I can...) regards)
  13. radishhobble

    Homegame Pokerstars problem

    You can try to change the place from your playTry to use another computer, or VPN, and i hope you'll can get bonuses from poker starsanyway in worldwide a lot of offers about gambling games, so try to find another platform, if you can not fixed yours
  14. radishhobble

    Poker Music

    Poker - is time for relax) So I choose calming play list, you can find it on sound cloud, there you just should to sign in, and choose any play list. Also, the have a lot of other music, anyway I use it all time
  15. radishhobble

    Casino Daddy BEATS Elena

    LOL, can you give link to watch this stream, pls!