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  1. I want all of you gamblers to know what Nordicbet and it's sister sites are up to and give you a warning about not signing up to those sites! They’d happily let you deposit but dear God help you if you win some money... I signed up to Nordicbet on 19.6.2021 and claimed the casino first deposit bonus. I played a game called "Dog House Megaways", because I happen to like the game a lot. I played normally and for once the luck was on my side. Happened something totally unexpected and I ended up winnings over 13 000 euros as I had finished the wager!!! OMG! 13 000 euros is a life changing amount and I already started to have images in my head about how I could spend it well and some have fun too! :)) I made a withdrawal and at the same time asked them from the live chat, If they need any documents from me to process such big withdrawal. They told me that they don't need. I waited for couple days and then went back to check my Nordicbet account, to see what is happening. I got totally terrified, when I saw how my winnings had disappeared. My 13 000 euro withdrawal had been cancelled, the money removed from my account and the deposit which was couple hundered euros returned to my account. At the same time I noticed, that I had received an email from Nordicbet. I tried to calm myself down while I was opening the email. Maybe this is just some bug that happened in the system. Well, in that email they told me that the winnings had been removed from my account, because I had broken the bonus terms and conditions. They gave the reason as following: 12.1: Any Bonus is only available once per person, family, household, address, e-mail address, credit card number, bank account, telephone number, computer/device and / or IP address. My devices, bank card etc. are mine and only in my personal use. I right away contacted a place that handles disagreements between casinos and people. There they told me that these are the usual tricks casinos do when they feel like not paying out. I feel myself being ROBBED. In the terms and conditions of Nordicbet it says that only one person per household can signup. How the heck am I supposed to know that the previous guy living here has played on your site?? If this is the case, then you should have not allowed me to sign up in the first place to your site! No mention about the thing would have been made of course, if I had lost the deposit! I investigated more carefully into this and found out that there is many sites run by the same company that runs Nordicbet. This company also runs sites like Betsafe, Betsson, Suomiarvat etc. These are deposit-only shops, where they do not understand words "paying out". I repeat it again, this and these sites are happy to take your deposits, but when it comes their time to give you legally won money they turn to something complitely different. So under no circumstance do not touch any of these sites or sign up to them!!! (Nordicbet, betsson, betsafe, Suomiarvat etc..)
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