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  1. So, I made a eur300 deposit, and got a eur300 match bonus with 1st time deposit on Vegasoo.com casino I decided to start things off with a Bonus Hunt. I got 26 bonuses on the initial 300 real money balance and another 11 with the 300 bonus money (mostly 0.20c up to 0.50c bonuses) I decided to open them, and by the 3rd bonus the games just crashed upon completion of the bonus. I tried several more, but the same thing happened. I would complete the bonus opening, but the money was not credited to my account After 3 days of no email response, a live chat rep told me that bonus hunting was forbidden, so I checked out the terms, see below; b. Delaying any game round inside any type of game, including free spin features and bonus features, to a later time when there are no more wagering requirements and/or performing new deposit(s) while having free spins features or bonus features still available in a game is prohibited. Players doing so agree to have their bonus and associated winnings declared void. c. Low risk Roulette bets - any outside bet spread combination on Roulette games covering 25 or more (67%) of the 37 unique number spots on the table So clearly (to me anyway), it says you can't delay bonus openings to a later time when there are no more wagering requirements and/or performing new deposits Well I didn't do this, I just did a bonus hunt on my initial deposit, including bonus, nowhere near the 40x wager requirements, and I was opening them altogether, and wasn't saving anything for when wager was met etc I was told no bonus hunting is allowed, full stop, but it clearly doesn't say this in terms, though the dude was having none of it If I knew bonus hunting wasn't allowed, I would have just opened the bonuses as I got them, but we all know that's not as much fun as opening them together right? Anyway, I couln't really care less about the deposit bonus, but I can't even get my winnings from the bonuses from the real money deposit They were happy to let my balance rip to zero as I hunted the bonuses, but a different story once I started to open them Anyway, clearly a shady bunch, please please please avoid like the plague I'm sure if they'll twist the above terms to suit their profit margins, they'll twist them all I only lost eur300 (and 10 hours of bonus hunting, which I was really looking forward to opening, you know how it is), but somebody could lose a lot more I only chose the site because you can sort by provider which is nice for hunting, and the site looks good, but really I don't think they can be trusted They still haven't emailed me even once after 5 days, despite the live chat reps promising me a multitude of time, NOR ARE THEY CONTACTABLE BY PHONE which I always find highly dubious Oh, and apparently they promote responsible gambling? Hahahahahaaha... Scammers! Happy Printing Dudes and Dudettes!!! Smeggy
  2. Hi, really sorry to hear this. As it's quite a large amount, is it worth pursuing via the legal system? Thanks for letting everyone know anyway, and I guess we really should learn to stick to the main reputable casinos, I've been scammed myself, and I think I've learned my lesson Best of luck, hopefully you got some good karma on the horizon (the withdrawable type) :-) Smeggy
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