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    US Casinos

    Should have mentioned this in the first post but if you use the code TRY25 on these sites you should be able to use a $25 no deposit bonus. If this doesn't work let me know and I'll see if there is an updated code for new players. Also heres a 414x win I had today on the new game Reign of Gnomes! Pretty fun bonus game.
  2. RayGetter

    US Casinos

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this has already been talked about or how many people it will apply to but I thought I'd mention some nice casinos for US players because I've seen a few people in chat asking about them. Unfortunately we are lacking a bit here compared to our friends in Europe so we wont get to play any games from the same providers, there are still some great slot games to be found though! I'm mainly going to be talking about sites that are all owned by the same parent company so you wont find a huge difference in game selection between these but they are by far the easiest sites to deposit too, offer some of the best welcome bonuses and have the fastest and easiest cashouts of any sites you'll find in the US #1 Bovada.lv - this is my favorite, great slot game selection, sports betting, live poker and a great welcome package. If you sign up here they will offer up to $3750 in bonus funds. Bovada also has the quickest cashout process of any of these sites, most cashouts are processed same day depending on your cashout method. #2 Slots.lv - this is a sister site to bovada and as such has a very similar selection of slot games, as you can probably guess by the name they focus on slots so you wont find the sports betting or poker here but they also offer a great welcome package and have a huge selection of games. # Cafecasino.lv - another sister to the sites above, cafe has almost exactly the same selection of games as the two sites above and also offers a very nice welcome package. They also offer great deposit bonuses on a weekly and monthly basis, I currently have a %300 bonus available for the week. I have had some huge wins on this site, my best cashout was over $2000 from a $60 deposit! Again I'm not sure if this helps anyone but I sure hope it does. It took me a while to settle on these sites but they have given me the best service, most hassle free payouts and the best luck!
  3. With Abros luck today I’m going to say $14290 YouTube name is ryomanagare