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  1. Ante will be POTM 2108x Twitch palacioslima
  2. Palacioslima twitch
  3. Andrespe

    Blackjack comeback

    $200 deposit, was doing small bets and I started to double whenever I lost, hit trips in my biggest bet won $1114 (lost the hand btw )
  4. Twitch palacioslima
  5. Andrespe


    Happy 3 year anniversary! twitch: palacioslima
  6. Andrespe

    Guessing Competition 22/4

    5371 euro Twitch palacioslima
  7. Palacioslima twitch
  8. Andrespe

    Guessing Competition 13/03

    6870 euro twitch palacioslima
  9. Andrespe

    Masse's baby

  10. 20667 euro Twitch palacioslima
  11. Andrespe

    CasinoHeroes / Speedybet

    You should have answered yes,no,yes,yes they want players that will lose money on their site not players that will use their first deposit bonus win and never come back to the site. Sarcasm aside, If that happened to me I would never played again on casinoheroes or their affiliated sites and maybe set a deposit limit for new sites so they don't play the addict card again