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  1. danvonnewman

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 20/07

    Guess €12,000 Twitch: SurlockGnomez YouTUbe: SurlockG nome
  2. danvonnewman

    Base game donuts

    Waiting for this kind of win in the bonus, coming soon....
  3. danvonnewman

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 10/07

    Guess 7700 Twitch: SurlockGnomez YouTube: SurlockG nome
  4. danvonnewman


    Guess RIP Twitch: SurlockGnomez YouTube: SurlockG nome
  5. danvonnewman

    290x on Immortal

    I don't want to play any others if this keeps paying. I switched to bonanza a few times for a few hundred spins each time. However, it seems to either pay big(200x, 840x) or nothing (20x, 30x) so prefer this one for it's consistency.
  6. danvonnewman

    290x on Immortal

    Even with the double I was surprised at how much the non-premium payed
  7. danvonnewman

    Biggest win yet on Immortal Romance

    Finally got them
  8. danvonnewman

    Nice win on Immortal Romance

    If I hit the missing Sarah on the one spin I think it would have been 10k just for her.
  9. danvonnewman


    Amasing win, I'm still trying to get 4 wilds but would be more than happy with just 3 connecting.
  10. danvonnewman

    Wild Desire big Hit

    Worst 3 symbols! Not sure how much it would have been with best 3.
  11. danvonnewman

    Micheal pays on Immortal Romance

    I went crazy and picked Micheal and he went crazy as well
  12. danvonnewman

    500x + on Wild Desire Immortal Romance

    Last wild desire I had paid 3, then this was the next one
  13. danvonnewman

    My first big win on Bonanza

    I almost gave up playing this game but gave it one more try.
  14. danvonnewman

    Micheal pays on Immortal Romance

    Hold the front page, Micheal paid....but in Amber bonus
  15. danvonnewman

    5000x on magic mirror 2

    Holy moly! awsome