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  1. Spurdo

    spinal tap good win

    got 3 skulls basegame and hit the worst bonus. Gambled up to encore and hit almost all wilds
  2. Spurdo

    white rabbit 3 retriggers

    here is a 2k buy, up to 16k now
  3. Spurdo

    white rabbit 3 retriggers

    4, 7, 8 retriggers 18 eur depo up to 10k LESSAGOOO
  4. Spurdo

    First win over 1000x! Danger, 2285x

    nice win. sorry for posting my win here
  5. 8001 rip SPURDOxDD
  6. jesus will crush this shit today with 12287 result booya booya booya SPURDOxDD btw