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  1. Name on Twitch : joanito Why would i like to win ? i have never won a single giveaway since i joined CD in 2017/2018.. I think it would make my day so i atleast have a changes of winning something Kappa. I bought a hoodie before but it would fit better if i won this giveaway print a 1000x and then buy a coffee MOCK as well. Ofcourse alot of people want to win but he there is only one Joanito!
  2. Thats one hell of a big win congratz
  3. very nice!! thats a big one for this slot
  4. sick win buddy!
  5. I hope its not if its real money kinda insane win ^^
  6. Maby it would be fun for example to add stuff like this : Atm we have post ranks ( member/senior member etc) what if you also add a funny picture? a drunk Ebro for example for rank "member " etc? 2: Maby make it that the most liked content on forums ea month gets an price or like a video with the bro`s thanking them for there activity? :") or maby something else that they get a moment to talk on discord with one of the bro`s and ask them questions ?
  7. Can i ask why you are spamming this on many posts?
  8. thats a sick win buddy! hard to get on dog house i ques 😛
  9. no idea cause i don`t speak this lang. but looks like a nice win :)?
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