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  1. This was a few days ago forgot to post
  2. https://replay.hacksawgaming.com/?roundid=1000244092052&partner=133&language=en Insane win! to bad only 50 euro cashout out of 7500 euro ..
  3. So i started today with 30 euro deposit.. got 15 greens x2 and then a garga (same spin) the garga gave me another 15 greens. So decided to cash some out.. and then i had a few euro left, did 1 spin on 80 cent and got 15 pinks in basegame hit +a garga but garga didnt pay much but im so happy 1k cash out :")
  4. Nice little win on 1 euro bet sorry for bad screenshot tripples
  5. congratz my friend nice trigger!
  6. Thats an epic win buddy i been hunthing for this a long long time! but only got it onces. gzzz
  7. thats a good win buddy congratz cash out incomming!
  8. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/S5agw1ogTD INSANE SICK WIN WOP WOP
  9. Name on Twitch : joanito Why would i like to win ? i have never won a single giveaway since i joined CD in 2017/2018.. I think it would make my day so i atleast have a changes of winning something Kappa. I bought a hoodie before but it would fit better if i won this giveaway print a 1000x and then buy a coffee MOCK as well. Ofcourse alot of people want to win but he there is only one Joanito!
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